Our Focus

EmpathyIQ improves and facilitates the use and understanding of empathy for exceptional customer and/or resident experience. Empathy is simply to sense and understand the emotions and feelings of another person. It’s taking the time to walk in their shoes. EmpathyIQ teaches and consults on the use of empathy and empathetic behavior for improved customer service. Our focus is any senior care or healthcare organization that has a need to perfect its customer’s experience for better outcomes.

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Walk in Their Shoes

Our Co-founder is a physician and geriatrician whose expertise is healthy aging. His belief in empathy and how it can create a deeper, more sincere connection, engagement and understanding among people led to the development of a unique workshop and seminar designed to teach exceptional customer service skills through the routine use of empathy.

EmpathyIQ will improve  customer experience through our workshops, seminars and ongoing consultation.