We’re hooked on empathy for better outcomes

Empathy skills training for healthcare and senior care organizations.

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Even the best organizations will benefit from empathy skills training.

Empathy builds strong and lasting trust with customers and patients.

Empathy results in better outcomes.

Empathy creates a deep understanding between staff and customers.

Empathy ensures the customer experience exceeds expectations.

The routine use of empathy is a profit driver.

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Research shows that 80% of organizations say they provide excellent customer service. Yet, only 8% of customers agree.

Source: Harvard Business Review, Read Full Article

Is your mission customer centric? 70% of organizations say it’s cheaper to retain customers than to acquire new ones.

Empathy in customer service improves customer retention.

Empathy ensures satisfied customers month after month, year after year.

Empathy turns customers to advocates.

Relationship marketing or one-to-one marketing is the new customer service and an important factor in maintaining continuous improvement in service excellence.

EmpathyIQ encourages continuous improvement in service excellence.

EmpathyIQ will create a culture change to inspire the practice of empathy in customer care.

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